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Tarnish Resistant Dainty Star Ring Gold Silver Star Ring Size: 5 Us 6 US 7 US 8 US by silverjewelerca


23.67 CAD

Tiny Star Ring In Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled Ring, Cute Gold Rings, gold stackable ring, Silver Star Ring – Star Ring – Small Star Ring – Silver Star Size:5 Us 6 Us 7 Us 8 Us
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Material: sterling silver, Gold plated
Star size: 5 mm
Ring size: available in 5, 6, 7 & 8 US/ CA

What is Sterling silver( 925 Silver): Sterling silver is a type of silver alloy that 92.5% of its weight is silver and 7.5% of its weight is another kind of metal that is usually copper.A B O U T: SILVERJEWELER.CA
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